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Huggies® Gold nappies are anatomically shaped and features the much-loved stretchy waistband and fasteners that allows you to secure the nappy snug and comfy on your baby. Huggies® Gold also includes Active Channels that absorb wetness and distributes it evenly, reducing sagging and decreasing the bulkiness leading to more comfort for baby. Huggies Gold Diapers – Better comfort and fit for active babies! 1 Pack contains 42 diapers.

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Jumbo Pack Size 3 (6-10Kg) 2 packs x 76, Jumbo Pack Size 4 (8-14Kg) (66) 2 packs x 66, Jumbo Pack Size 4+ 2 packs x 62, Jumbo Pack Size 5 (15+ Kg) 2 packs x 52, New Born Diapers 1 (up to 6Kg) 2 packs x 42, New Born Diapers 2 (5-7kg) 2 packs x 66

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